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            1. 大學英語四級常用固定搭配 5
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              be made from 由…制造
              look for 尋找
              a good bargain 便宜貨
              on the menu 在菜單上
              in debt 負債
              give way to 給…讓路
              account for 占..的比例
              lack of 沒有,缺乏
              create job opportunity 創造工作機會
              break down 分解,瓦解
              be engaged in doing sth. 忙于做某事
              bring about 引起,導致
              pull together 把…拉在一起;齊心協力
              conform1 to 符合,遵照
              be upset by 因…而生氣
              remove…from 除掉,移除
              be dissatisfied with 對…不滿意
              be looking forward to 期望做某事
              be worried about 擔心;憂慮
              traffic jam 交通阻塞
              move out of 搬出
              it takes time to do sth. 花費時間做某事
              learn to do sth. 學做某事
              go camping 去野營
              prefer…to… 更加喜歡
              stay up late 熬夜,睡得很晚
              calm down 平靜下來,鎮定下來
              force sb. to do sth. 強迫某人做某事
              be tailored to 定制
              split2 up 分開
              a great deal of 大量,許多
              in different ways 以不同的方式,不同的方法
              avoid doing sth. 避免做某事
              make effort to do sth. 努力做某事
              be careless about 不介意
              be ashamed of 為…感到羞恥
              be irritated at 因…而生氣
              make preparations for 為…做準備
              make a fuss 大驚小怪,小題大作
              be popular with 受…的歡迎
              by the sea 在海邊
              come up 想出,提出
              in vain 徒勞;無效
              point of view 觀點,立場
              by oneself 單獨的,獨自的
              be neglected by 被忽視
              follow the trend 跟隨時尚
              use up 用完;耗盡
              attract the attention 吸引注意力
              be surrounded by 被…包圍
              fall out 爭吵,不和
              global warming 全球變暖
              in terms of 就…而言
              be vulnerable to 易受…的傷害


              1 conform vppzc     
              • The building does not conform to safety regulations.這座建筑物不符合安全條例。
              • Her ideas do not conform with mine.她的觀點與我的不一致。
              2 split avXwG     
              • Who told you that Mary and I had split up?誰告訴你瑪麗和我已經離婚了?
              • The teacher split the class up into six groups.老師把班級分成6個小組。
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