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            1. 大學英語六級常用固定搭配 1
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              be pleased to 樂意做某事
              used to be 過去曾經是
              bachelor's degree 學士學位
              be involved in 被卷入……中;涉及到……
              be trapped in 被困在
              fail to 未能
              be guilty of 犯有…罪
              out of one's mind 瘋了;發瘋;精神不正常;失去理智
              be unworthy of 不值得
              be suitable for 適合于…的
              soak up 汲取(知識等)
              be responsible to 對…負責
              strive to 努力做某事
              at the rear of 在…的后面
              be named after 以…名字命名
              have difficulty doing 做某事有困難
              more or less 或多或少
              draw conclusion from 從…得出結論
              be noted for 以…而聞名
              up-to-date 最新的
              refrain from 克制;抑制;忍住
              afford to (有條件)做;能承擔
              have ... in common 有共同之處
              wind its way to 蜿蜒而行
              speed up 加速;使加速
              by any means 無論如何
              be strict with 對…要求嚴格
              pull through 渡過難關
              place emphasis on 重視;強調
              give top priority to 優先考慮
              be addicted to 對…上癮;沉溺于
              have no sense of 不知道
              run away from 逃跑,逃離;從…逃出
              bring ...to an end 使結束
              be bound to 必然
              bring about 引起
              break down 瓦解
              talk someone out of 說服某人不做某事
              keep one's distance from 與…保持一定距離
              burn down 燒毀
              blow up 爆炸
              close down (工廠、企業等)停業;關閉
              a scarcity of 缺乏,缺少
              be bored with 對…感到厭煩
              blame for 責備,責怪
              hold back 抑制; 控制
              to what extent 在何種程度上
              in accordance with 依照;與…一致
              be bent on 專心致力于
              accommodate with 向…供應;提供
              turn out to be 結果是;原來是
              take part in 參加,參與
              pick up 開走,取(車)
              try out 試驗
              tidy up 收拾,整理
              sort out 分類,整理
              figure out 想出
              devote… to 把…用于
              major in 主修
              secondary education 中等教育
              find out 弄清
              provide easy access to 提供通往…的便捷途徑
              opposite to 與…相反
              to the minimum 至最低限度
              on the site 現場
              a couple of 幾個
              lie in 在于
              deal with 處理
              tend to 傾向于
              bring in 請來,帶來
              set up 建立
              be confined to 僅限于
              compete with 與…一較高下

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