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            1. Amy Lowell - Stravinsky's Three Pieces
              文章來源: 文章作者: 發布時間:2007-10-19 07:26 字體: [ ]  進入論壇
              First Movement
              Thin-voiced, nasal pipes
              Drawing sound out and out
              Until it is a screeching1 thread,
              Sharp and cutting, sharp and cutting,
              It hurts.
              Bump!  Bump!  Tong-ti-bump!
              There are drums here,
              And wooden shoes beating the round, grey stones
              Of the market-place.
              Sabots slapping the worn, old stones,
              And a shaking and cracking of dancing bones;
              Clumsy and hard they are,
              And uneven,
              Losing half a beat
              Because the stones are slippery.
              Bump-e-ty-tong!  Whee-e-e!  Tong!
              The thin Spring leaves
              Shake to the banging of shoes.
              Shoes beat, slap,
              Shuffle2, rap,
              And the nasal pipes squeal3 with their pigs' voices,
              Little pigs' voices
              Weaving among the dancers,
              A fine white thread
              Linking up the dancers.
              Bang!  Bump!  Tong!
              Delirium flapping its thigh-bones;
              Red, blue, yellow,
              Drunkenness steaming in colours;
              Red, yellow, blue,
              Colours and flesh weaving together,
              In and out, with the dance,
              Coarse stuffs and hot flesh weaving together.
              Pigs' cries white and tenuous,
              White and painful,
              White and --

              Second Movement
              Pale violin music whiffs across the moon,
              A pale smoke of violin music blows over the moon,
              Cherry petals4 fall and flutter,
              And the white Pierrot,
              Wreathed in the smoke of the violins,
              Splashed with cherry petals falling, falling,
              Claws a grave for himself in the fresh earth
              With his finger-nails.

              Third Movement
              An organ growls5 in the heavy roof-groins of a church,
              It wheezes6 and coughs.
              The nave7 is blue with incense,
              Writhing, twisting,
              Snaking over the heads of the chanting priests.
              `Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine';
              The priests whine8 their bastard9 Latin
              And the censers swing and click.
              The priests walk endlessly
              Round and round,
              Droning their Latin
              Off the key.
              The organ crashes out in a flaring10 chord,
              And the priests hitch11 their chant up half a tone.
              `Dies illa, dies irae,
              Calamitatis et miseriae,
              Dies magna et amara valde.'
              A wind rattles12 the leaded windows.
              The little pear-shaped candle flames leap and flutter,
              `Dies illa, dies irae;'
              The swaying smoke drifts over the altar,
              `Calamitatis et miseriae;'
              The shuffling13 priests sprinkle holy water,
              `Dies magna et amara valde;'
              And there is a stark14 stillness in the midst of them
              Stretched upon a bier.
              His ears are stone to the organ,
              His eyes are flint to the candles,
              His body is ice to the water.
              Chant, priests,
              Whine, shuffle, genuflect,
              He will always be as rigid15 as he is now
              Until he crumbles16 away in a dust heap.
              `Lacrymosa dies illa,
              Qua resurget ex favilla
              Judicandus homo reus.'
              Above the grey pillars the roof is in darkness.


              1 screeching 8bf34b298a2d512e9b6787a29dc6c5f0     
              v.發出尖叫聲( screech的現在分詞 );發出粗而刺耳的聲音;高叫
              • Monkeys were screeching in the trees. 猴子在樹上吱吱地叫著。
              • the unedifying sight of the two party leaders screeching at each other 兩黨黨魁狺狺對吠的討厭情景
              2 shuffle xECzc     
              • I wish you'd remember to shuffle before you deal.我希望在你發牌前記得洗牌。
              • Don't shuffle your feet along.別拖著腳步走。
              3 squeal 3Foyg     
              • The children gave a squeal of fright.孩子們發出驚嚇的尖叫聲。
              • There was a squeal of brakes as the car suddenly stopped.小汽車突然停下來時,車閘發出尖叫聲。
              4 petals f346ae24f5b5778ae3e2317a33cd8d9b     
              n.花瓣( petal的名詞復數 )
              • white petals tinged with blue 略帶藍色的白花瓣
              • The petals of many flowers expand in the sunshine. 許多花瓣在陽光下開放。 來自《現代英漢綜合大詞典》
              5 growls 6ffc5e073aa0722568674220be53a9ea     
              v.(動物)發狺狺聲, (雷)作隆隆聲( growl的第三人稱單數 );低聲咆哮著說
              • The dog growls at me. 狗向我狂吠。 來自《現代英漢綜合大詞典》
              • The loudest growls have echoed around emerging markets and commodities. 熊嚎之聲響徹新興的市場與商品。 來自互聯網
              6 wheezes ac1c821de1ffb9e4f5477f18b3efa2e0     
              n.喘息聲( wheeze的名詞復數 )v.喘息,發出呼哧呼哧的喘息聲( wheeze的第三人稱單數 )
              • They've tried some brilliant wheezes, but every time, Jerry's twigged at the last moment. 他們使用了一些華麗的陳腐俏皮話,但是每次到了最后關頭,德國人就察覺了。 來自互聯網
              • The lungs are clear to auscultation bilaterally, without any wheezes, rales, or rhonchi. 雙肺聽診清音,無喘鳴或干濕羅音。 來自互聯網
              7 nave TGnxw     
              • People gathered in the nave of the house.人們聚攏在房子的中間。
              • The family on the other side of the nave had a certain look about them,too.在中殿另一邊的那一家人,也有著自己特有的相貌。
              8 whine VMNzc     
              • You are getting paid to think,not to whine.支付給你工資是讓你思考而不是哀怨的。
              • The bullet hit a rock and rocketed with a sharp whine.子彈打在一塊巖石上,一聲尖厲的呼嘯,跳飛開去。
              9 bastard MuSzK     
              • He was never concerned about being born a bastard.他從不介意自己是私生子。
              • There was supposed to be no way to get at the bastard.據說沒有辦法買通那個混蛋。
              10 flaring Bswzxn     
              • A vulgar flaring paper adorned the walls. 墻壁上裝飾著廉價的花紙。
              • Goebbels was flaring up at me. 戈塔爾當時已對我面呈慍色。
              11 hitch UcGxu     
              • They had an eighty-mile journey and decided to hitch hike.他們要走80英里的路程,最后決定搭便車。
              • All the candidates are able to answer the questions without any hitch.所有報考者都能對答如流。
              12 rattles 0cd5b6f81d3b50c9ffb3ddb2eaaa027b     
              (使)發出格格的響聲, (使)作嘎嘎聲( rattle的第三人稱單數 ); 喋喋不休地說話; 迅速而嘎嘎作響地移動,墮下或走動; 使緊張,使恐懼
              • It rattles the windowpane and sends the dog scratching to get under the bed. 它把窗玻璃震得格格作響,把狗嚇得往床底下鉆。
              • How thin it is, and how dainty and frail; and how it rattles. 你看它夠多么薄,多么精致,多么不結實;還老那么嘩楞嘩楞地響。
              13 shuffling 03b785186d0322e5a1a31c105fc534ee     
              adj. 慢慢移動的, 滑移的 動詞shuffle的現在分詞形式
              • Don't go shuffling along as if you were dead. 別像個死人似地拖著腳走。 來自英漢文學 - 嘉莉妹妹
              • Some one was shuffling by on the sidewalk. 外面的人行道上有人拖著腳走過。 來自英漢文學 - 嘉莉妹妹
              14 stark lGszd     
              • The young man is faced with a stark choice.這位年輕人面臨嚴峻的抉擇。
              • He gave a stark denial to the rumor.他對謠言加以完全的否認。
              15 rigid jDPyf     
              • She became as rigid as adamant.她變得如頑石般的固執。
              • The examination was so rigid that nearly all aspirants were ruled out.考試很嚴,幾乎所有的考生都被淘汰了。
              16 crumbles e8ea0ea6a7923d1b6dbd15280146b393     
              酥皮水果甜點( crumble的名詞復數 )
              • This cake crumbles too easily. 這種蛋糕太容易碎了。
              • This bread crumbles ever so easily. 這種面包非常容易碎。