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            1. Amy Lowell - Reaping
              文章來源: 文章作者: 發布時間:2007-10-19 07:47 字體: [ ]  進入論壇
              You want to know what's the matter with me, do yer?
              My! ain't men blinder'n moles1?
              It ain't nothin' new, be sure o' that.
              Why, ef you'd had eyes you'd ha' seed
              Me changin' under your very nose,
              Each day a little diff'rent.
              But you never see nothin', you don't.
              Don't touch me, Jake,
              Don't you dars't to touch me,
              I ain't in no humour.
              That's what's come over me;
              Jest a change clear through.
              You lay still, an' I'll tell yer,
              I've had it on my mind to tell yer
              Fer some time.
              It's a strain livin' a lie from mornin' till night,
              An' I'm goin' to put an end to it right now.
              An' don't make any mistake about one thing,
              When I married yer I loved yer.
              Why, your voice 'ud make
              Me go hot and cold all over,
              An' your kisses most stopped my heart from beatin'.
              Lord!  I was a silly fool.
              But that's the way 'twas.
              Well, I married yer
              An' thought Heav'n was comin'
              To set on the door-step.
              Heav'n didn't do no settin',
              Though the first year warn't so bad.
              The baby's fever threw you off some, I guess,
              An' then I took her death real hard,
              An' a mopey wife kind o' disgusts a man.
              I ain't blamin' yer exactly.
              But that's how 'twas.
              Do lay quiet,
              I know I'm slow, but it's harder to say 'n I thought.
              There come a time when I got to be
              More wife agin than mother.
              The mother part was sort of a waste
              When we didn't have no other child.
              But you'd got used ter lots o' things,
              An' you was all took up with the farm.
              Many's the time I've laid awake
              Watchin' the moon go clear through the elm-tree,
              Out o' sight.
              I'd foller yer around like a dog,
              An' set in the chair you'd be'n settin' in,
              Jest to feel its arms around me,
              So long's I didn't have yours.
              It preyed2 on me, I guess,
              Longin' and longin'
              While you was busy all day, and snorin' all night.
              Yes, I know you're wide awake now,
              But now ain't then,
              An' I guess you'll think diff'rent
              When I'm done.
              Do you mind the day you went to Hadrock?
              I didn't want to stay home for reasons,
              But you said someone 'd have to be here
              'Cause Elmer was comin' to see t' th' telephone.
              An' you never see why I was so set on goin' with yer,
              Our married life hadn't be'n any great shakes,
              Still marriage is marriage, an' I was raised God-fearin'.
              But, Lord, you didn't notice nothin',
              An' Elmer hangin' around all Winter!
              'Twas a lovely mornin'.
              The apple-trees was jest elegant
              With their blossoms3 all flared4 out,
              An' there warn't a cloud in the sky.
              You went, you wouldn't pay no 'tention to what I said,
              An' I heard the Ford5 chuggin' for most a mile,
              The air was so still.
              Then Elmer come.
              It's no use your frettin', Jake,
              I'll tell you all about it.
              I know what I'm doin',
              An' what's worse, I know what I done.
              Elmer fixed6 th' telephone in about two minits,
              An' he didn't seem in no hurry to go,
              An' I don't know as I wanted him to go either,
              I was awful mad at your not takin' me with yer,
              An' I was tired o' wishin' and wishin'
              An' gittin' no comfort.
              I guess it ain't necessary to tell yer all the things.
              He stayed to dinner,
              An' he helped me do the dishes,
              An' he said a home was a fine thing,
              An' I said dishes warn't a home
              Nor yet the room they're in.
              He said a lot o' things,
              An' I fended7 him off at first,
              But he got talkin' all around me,
              Clost up to the things I'd be'n thinkin',
              What's the use o' me goin' on, Jake,
              You know.
              He got all he wanted,
              An' I give it to him,
              An' what's more, I'm glad!
              I ain't dead, anyway,
              An' somebody thinks I'm somethin'.
              Keep away, Jake,
              You can kill me to-morrer if you want to,
              But I'm goin' to have my say.
              Funny thing!  Guess I ain't made to hold a man.
              Elmer ain't be'n here for mor'n two months.
              I don't want to pretend nothin',
              Mebbe if he'd be'n lately
              I shouldn't have told yer.
              I'll go away in the mornin', o' course.
              What you want the light fer?
              I don't look no diff'rent.
              Ain't the moon bright enough
              To look at a woman that's deceived yer by?
              Don't, Jake, don't, you can't love me now!
              It ain't a question of forgiveness.
              Why!  I'd be thinkin' o' Elmer ev'ry minute;
              It ain't decent8.
              Oh, my God!  It ain't decent any more either way!


              1 moles 2e1eeabf4f0f1abdaca739a4be445d16     
              防波堤( mole的名詞復數 ); 鼴鼠; 痣; 間諜
              • Unsightly moles can be removed surgically. 不雅觀的痣可以手術去除。
              • Two moles of epoxy react with one mole of A-1100. 兩個克分子環氧與一個克分子A-1100反應。
              2 preyed 30b08738b4df0c75cb8e123ab0b15c0f     
              v.掠食( prey的過去式和過去分詞 );掠食;折磨;(人)靠欺詐為生
              • Remorse preyed upon his mind. 悔恨使他內心痛苦。 來自《現代英漢綜合大詞典》
              • He had been unwise and it preyed on his conscience. 他做得不太明智,這一直讓他良心不安。 來自辭典例句
              3 blossoms 4a7fbeb95296f374c3b1acde9d88157d     
              n.(尤指果樹的)花( blossom的名詞復數 );花叢,花簇v.(植物)開花( blossom的第三人稱單數 );發展;長成;變得更加健康(或自信、成功)
              • It was springtime and the slopes were ablaze with almond blossoms. 時當春季,怒放的扁桃花使那片山坡鮮紅似火。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
              • The spring comes and peach blossoms [flowers] are all open. 春天了,桃花都開了。 來自《現代漢英綜合大詞典》
              4 Flared Flared     
              adj. 端部張開的, 爆發的, 加寬的, 漏斗式的 動詞flare的過去式和過去分詞
              • The match flared and went out. 火柴閃亮了一下就熄了。
              • The fire flared up when we thought it was out. 我們以為火已經熄滅,但它突然又燃燒起來。
              5 Ford KiIxx     
              • They were guarding the bridge,so we forded the river.他們駐守在那座橋上,所以我們只能涉水過河。
              • If you decide to ford a stream,be extremely careful.如果已決定要涉過小溪,必須極度小心。
              6 fixed JsKzzj     
              • Have you two fixed on a date for the wedding yet?你們倆選定婚期了嗎?
              • Once the aim is fixed,we should not change it arbitrarily.目標一旦確定,我們就不應該隨意改變。
              7 fended 91b0599f2c74c95c02b51efaca41f196     
              v.獨立生活,照料自己( fend的過去式和過去分詞 );擋開,避開
              • He neatly fended off a jab at his chest. 他利落地擋開了當胸的一擊。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
              • I fended off his sword thrust with my spear. 他一刀砍來,我拿槍架住。 來自《現代漢英綜合大詞典》
              8 decent mx6xr     
              • We want to raise our children to be decent men and women.我們盼望把孩子們培養成優秀人才。
              • There isn't even a decent table in this room.這屋里連張像樣的桌子也沒有。
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