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            1. 和錢有關的10個英語表達
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              1. (right) on the money
              exactly right; in exactly the right place; in exactly the right amount (of money). 完全正確;恰到好處;(錢)正好夠數。
              e.g. You were right on the money when you said that I would really like that book.
              2. come into (some) money
              to get some money unexpectedly, usually by inheritance. 得到意外之財,通常是因為繼承遺產。
              e.g. She came into a lot of money when she turned twenty.
              3. fork some money out (for something)
              to pay (perhaps unwillingly) for something. (Often mention is made of the amount of money. See the examples.) 為某物付出錢財(也許不情愿)。(常會提到是要一大筆錢。看例子感受一下)
              e.g. Do you think I'm going to fork twenty dollars out for that book?
              4. funny money
              1) counterfeit money 假幣
              e.g. The bank teller spotted the funny money in the man's deposit almost immediately.
              2) temporary or substitute money, good only in certain places 暫時流通或代替流通的貨幣,只在特定的地方通用。
              e.g. What am I going to do with all this funny money when I leave here? It's no good anywhere else.
              3) foreign currency 外幣
              e.g. We had better buy some gifts and get rid of some of this funny money before our flight. 在起飛前我們最好買一些禮物,花掉些這些外幣。
              5. I'd bet money (on it)
              I am certain. 我確定。類似于我們“賭五毛”的感覺??好吧,其實也就是“我敢打賭”~
              e.g. I'd bet money on it. I'd bet money that Jane will get that job.
              6. in the money
              1) wealthy 富有的
              e.g. John is really in the money. He's worth millions.
              2) in the winning position in a race or contest. (As if one had won the prize money) 在比賽或競賽中處于優勝地位。(就好像已經獲得了優勝獎金)
              e.g. I knew when Jane came around the final turn that she was in the money.
              7. heavy bread
              a great deal of money 一大筆錢
              e.g. That car cost some heavy bread.
              8. money talks
              Money gives one power and influence to help get things done or get one's own way. 金錢會賦予人權利和影響力,能夠幫助事情完成或為所欲為。(就是“有錢能使鬼推磨”啦)
              e.g. She'll get her way because money talks.
              9. money to burn
              More than enough money for what is required or expected. 超出所需或期望的足夠的錢。
              e.g. After they paid off the creditors, they still had money to burn.
              10. be coining it (British & Australian informal)(英式英語&澳洲英語的非正式說法)
              to be earning a lot of money quickly 迅速掙到一大筆錢
              e.g. The magazine has been coining it since the new editor took over.
              也可以說be coining money(美式英語&澳洲英語的非正式說法)

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