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            1. 日期:2016-03-26 Washington was the first president of the U.S. He was very clever even when he was still a 12-year-old-boy. Once a thief stole some money from Uncle Post, Washington's neighbor. The door of the house was not broken, and things in the room were in go... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2015-04-23 Franklin's life is full of charming stories which all young men should know -- how he sold books in Boston, and became the guest of kings in Europe; how he was made Major General Franklin, only to quit because, as he said, he was no soldier, and yet... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-10-28 Demades the orator was once speaking in the assembly at Athens; but the people were very inattentive to what he was saying, so he stopped and said, Gentlemen, I should like to tell you one of Aesop's fables. This made every one listen intently. Then... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-09-16 Once a neighbor stole one of Washington's horse. Washington horse back. But the neighbor refused to give the horse back. He said that it was his horse. Suddenly Washington had a good idea. He put both of his hands over the eyes of the horse and said... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-09-07 My wife got sick. She was constantly nervous because of problems at work, personal life, her failures and problems with children. She has lost 30 pounds and weighed about 90 pounds in her 35 years. She got very skinny, and was constantly crying. She... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-09-03 One day, the French famous writer Tristan Bernard went to a restaurant for dinner. But he was not very satisfied with the food. Bring the manager. He said to the waiter after paying the bill. Soon the manager came. The writer told him, Please give m... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-09-03 Author James Thurber depended on words for entertainment. He told me once about a trick he played on a nurse during one of his hospital stays. He asked her what a seven-letter word had three U's in it. She thought and then said, I don't know, but it... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-09-03 Andersen(1805-1875) live very simply. He often wore an old hat when he went out. Once someone in the street laughed at him, What's that on your head. Can it be called a hat? Andersen replied, What's that under your hat? Can it be called a head? 安徒... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-09-03 Once Albert Einstein, the world-famous scientist, was traveling by train. At dinner time he went to the dining car. Menu in hand, he suddenly readlized that he had forgotten his glasses in his compartment. He shrugged. Unwilling to go back, he tried... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-09-03 A young man once asked Albert Einstein what the secret of success was. The great scientist told him that the secret of success was hard work. A few days later the young man asked him the same question again. Einstein was very annoyed. He did not say... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-09-03 One day, a thief broke into Picasso's home. The housekeeper caught sight of the thief the moment he ran away. She picked up the pencil and paper to scrabble(亂涂) a portrait of him. At the same time, Picasso who was sitting at the balcony saw the... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-09-03 When Pable Picasso was a little boy, he lived in a small town in Spain. His mother liked to call him Piz. It is the Spanish word for pencil. As a baby, he liked pencils and chalks better than any of his toys. Picasso's father was an artist. He spent... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-08-26 There were already signs that he had a good deal of talent. Harvest Smith, a classmate and close friend who in those days played basketball with him practically every day, thought he was the best player on their ninth-grade team -- he was small, but... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2014-06-24 Lincoln was delighted to advocate the cases of those whom he knew to be wronged, but he would not defend the cause of the guilty. If he discovered in the course of a trial that he was on the wrong side, he lost all interest, and ceased to make any e... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2013-06-27 When Britain's great Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill, was young, he attended a public school called Harrow. He was not a good student, and as matter of fact, had he not been the son of a famous leader, he probably would have been thrown out of... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2013-05-19 MY MOTHER fought cancer for almost a decade and died at 56. She held out long enough to meet the first of her grandchildren and to hold them in her arms. But my other children will never have the chance to know her and experience how loving and grac... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2013-02-27 One day in spring four men were riding on horseback along a country road. These men were lawyers, and they were going to the next town to attend court. There had been a rain, and the ground was very soft. Water was dripping from the trees, and the g... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2013-01-18 Bob Richards, the former pole-vault champion, shares a moving story about a skinny young boy who loved football with all his heart. Practice after practice, he eagerly gave everything he had. But being half the size of the other boys, he got absolut... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2013-01-17 The English author, Richard Savage, was once living in London in great poverty. In order to earn a little money he had written the story of his life, but not many copies of the book had been sold in the shops, and Savage was living from hand to mout... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2012-11-29 In history no philosopher has ever affected more individual lives than Confucius did. For around 2000 years Confucianism was the most important single force in Chinese life. His beliefs were formed when he was a young man. Dismayed by the state Chin... 閱讀全文>>

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