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            1. 日期:2016-08-17 There was a guy who went into a shop to buy a parrot. There werethree parrots in the shop. One was $5,000; another one, $10,000; and the third one, $30,000. The customer asked the owner, How come this guy is $5,000? Thats so expensive for this kindo... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-08-17 Donny is my little brother. He is a naughty boy. On Sunday morning Donny went into the yard and played with a dog. Sometimes a bird would come down to stay on the tops of the dogs house. Then Donny threw a stone at it. Suddenly the little boy began... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-08-17 Once upon a time there was a miser. He hid his gold under a tree. Every week he used to dig it up. One night a robber stole all the gold. When the miser came again, he found nothing but an empty hole. He was surprised, and then burst into tears.All... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-07-14 Tom was very proud of his dog Blackie. Whenever he got the chance, he would ask his dog to please his friends with some tricks. One day Tom went to visit his friend Jack who was sick at home with a bad cold.How are you feeling? asked Tom.Worse than... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-07-14 Mrs. Green was the manager of a large company and she frequently had to have meetings with other business people in a room in her building. She did not smoke at all, but many of the other people at the meetings did, so she often found the air during... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-05-11 Lacey Delgado walked down the long dark hall leading to the locker room bathrooms. Something about the chill of the hall and the odd echo of her footsteps gave her the creeps, even though she could still hear her teammates working on their cheers in... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-03-09 I live in rural Virginia, and my high school, believe it or not, was in between two pastures in a very agrarian area. Although I was never much into sports, I had a few friends who were, and several were on the cross-country running team. The course... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-03-09 It was in the middle of winter and I was staying after school to rehearse for a dance production I was in. When it had ended, I asked for my mum to come and pick me up but she was at her Bridge Club. My friends offered me lifts home but I said I wou... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-03-09 I had just moved to San Antonio, Texas. I had gotten a job working for the tour bus service that would take tourists on a short tour of the city's historic places and would end up at the Alamo. It was near closing time and I was driving back from my... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-03-09 We moved in our new house. The house has cathedral ceilings up and down, and the only attic space was in the adjoining wall from my sons room, which is above the kitchen. It is about twelve feet long, and its highest point is about five feet, and th... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-03-09 In downtown New York, at a somewhat trashy apartment, there lived a man named Howard. He was a young man, in his mid-twenties, and had a terrible fear of cockroaches. Well if you've been to New York, and maybe live or stayed in a rundown hotel, you... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-03-09 It was vacationing on the Greek island of Corfu for about a month in August of 1992. I rent a motorcycle and head into the interior of the island in search of isolated trails and sleepy villages. I rode for hours along dirt trails flanked by bright... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-03-09 I was leaving my driveway to drive one mile to town. There were woods and few houses along the way. I had just pulled out and there was a thick fog rolling in. Very creepy at night. I had only gone a half a block at most very slowly when I saw a ver... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-03-09 Last month, I had a 91 year old hospice patient, old John who was dying of CHF. His wife had died 2 years ago, so he was alone. He had long since given up being able to care for his pet dog Pepper, a small, rat-looking, yappy dog who was 16 (112 in... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-02-22 Thomas and Alfred were two best friends. Whenever it got hot, they would take their cows up to a cool, green pasture in the mountains. Usually they stayed there with the cows all summer. The work there in the mountains was easy, but really boring. A... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-02-22 I own a coffee shop in Southern Indiana. I have a room in the back where I spend most of the week. I had just bought this place and after a few weeks I realized how strange it really was. The first time that I noticed some strange happenings was abo... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-02-22 In this small town, my family and I had lived at several places, before settling down in a house on Pennsylvania Ave. A very quiet neighborhood, my folks quickly made friends with those all around. In the house on the left of ours lived an old woman... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-02-22 My husband worked at a hospital that was supposed to be haunted by the ghost of a patient who died there. This patient had spent a lot of time in the hospital and reportedly liked it there. My husband told me this story (he has had a few paranormal... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-02-22 My mom's side of the family is Irish. So my grandma would tell me stories about my great-grandpa who was from Ireland. Just small stories, such as the fact that he had a musical ear and could play almost every instrument. (I wish it passed on throug... 閱讀全文>>

              日期:2016-02-22 I love listening to my great-grandma's stories, so I didn't object when she started to tell me a story about one of her strange experiences over a glass of iced tea My Great-Great Grand-dad died in 1918 at the age of 48 when he fell off of a gallopi... 閱讀全文>>

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